Aiya Konacha Loose Leaf Tea, 500g *Special Order*



Konacha, literally “powder tea,” should not be confused with Matcha, “powdered tea.” While Matcha is specially grown and harvested, then slowly ground into a fine jade powder, Konacha is made from the tea dust that results when processing other teas. The grade of Konacha depends solely on the tea it originated from. While Aiya’s Konacha comes from processing Gyokuro, other Konacha can be made from Sencha leaves. Aiya’s Konacha is specifically selected, unique variety that can withstand boiling water without sacrificing taste or color. Konacha is a very simple sweet, lightly grassy starter tea with a little astringency. Konacha is known in Japan as the tea primarily served in sushi restaurants.

Bring the water to a boil and allow it to cool to 80°C/176°F. Steep 3 grams of Konacha for 30 seconds in 1 cup (240 ml/8 oz) of hot water.

TheAiya Konacha Loose Leaf Tea, 500g bag is a special order item. Please allow for one-two weeks for arrival.

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