Aiya Kukicha Loose Leaf Tea, 500g *Special Order*



Kukicha literally means “stem tea” and is made from different varieties of tea stems. Aiya’s Kukicha is a blend of stems from Gyokuro and Sencha. Most of Kukicha available in the market is made by stems from 100% Sencha, however, Aiya’s Kukicha is adding more than 50% of Gyokuro stems for more natural sweetness and rich aroma.

Bring the water to a boil and allow it to cool to 80°C/176°F. Steep 3 grams of Kukicha for 1 minute in 1 cup (240 ml/8 oz) of hot water.

The Aiya Kukicha Loose Leaf Tea, 500g bag is a special order item. Please allow for one-two weeks for arrival.

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